Kelly Canyon KOM

We are thrilled to host the first Super D Mountain Bike race at Kelly Canyon! The course will highlight Kelly Canyon's beautiful hill, taking you along their new bike trails and through the jump park. 

Race Information:

General Info:

- $60 to register

- Each entry includes a Kelly Canyon lift ticket, commemorative race shirt, and more!

- Every rider MUST WEAR A HELMET. There are no exceptions to this rule.

- This race will be a time trial from the top of lift 4 to the bottom of the mountain.

- Racers will be sent at 1 minute intervals starting at 2:00 PM.


Riders will be separated by skill level into three different categories for the race: Expert, Sport, and Beginner.

The Expert category is for riders who are extremely confident in their abilities and are familiar with racing.

The Sport category is for riders who are capable enough to hit most features with little hesitation and who may have taken part in races before.

The Beginner Category is for those that are new to the mountain biking scene and this is their first or second race.

Results and Awards will be divided by these categories, age groups, and gender.

Race Course:

The entire course is roughly 1.5 miles long. The race will start at the top of Lift 4 where you will ride down a steep descent and ride across the top of the Kelly Canyon bowl to the top of the Jump Park. Once in the Jump Park, you will hit both of the larger jumps (Whammy and Double Whammy)  and a few smaller jumps before crossing over to the top of Snake. The course will follow Snake for a short while before connecting into Sidewinder. After all the switchbacks on Sidewinder, it will be a straight shot down to the finish line at the bottom of the resort.

Course Map

930 Pier View Drive

Idaho Falls, Idaho


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