2020 Scenic River Classic


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The Original Idaho Falls Race

June 13th 2020
Benefiting the Idaho Falls Development Workshop

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Thank you all for joining us for the 2020 Virtual Scenic River Classic!

Results can be found below:

5K Results:


Age Group First Last Gender Time Distance
F30-39 Kristine Parker F 27.05 3.1
F30-39 Valerie Andrus F 31.02 3.1
M18-29 Brayden Perkins M 33.39 3.1
F18-29 Ellen McAfee F 36.34 3.1
F50-59 Elaine Birks F 36.56 3.12
F60-99 Mickie Peterson F 37.45 3.11
M18-29 Josh Tapp M 38.11 3.1
M40-49 Brandon Andrus M 38.18 3.1
M40-49 Dave Morse M 40.11 3.1
F30-39 Allison Ball F 41.17 3.1
M50-59 Mark Permann M 45.04 3.11
F40-49 Jodi Edmo F 45.23 3.1
F40-49 Laura Permann F 45.3 3.2
F40-49 Julie Powell F 45.3 3.1
M1-17 Matthew Semmens M 54.36 3.21
M30-39 Daniel Semmens M 54.36 3.21
F50-59 Kim Jones F 57.36 3.1
F50-59 Kari Campos F 59.13 3.15
M18-29 Mitchell Trost M 0.41.26 3.1
F30-39 Megan Judd F 0.41.36 3.11
F60-99 Mary Latimore F 0.51.00 2.67
F18-29 Emilee Aders F 1.05.37 3.11
M30-39 Ben Lewis M 1.11.01 3.14
F30-39 Anya Lewis F 1.20.23 3.15
F30-39 Mary Hammond F 1.23.37 3.11
F60-99 Rhonda Aliah F N/A N/A
M30-39 Tyler Ball M N/A N/A
F50-59 Tana Barney F N/A N/A
F30-39 Shera Brewington F N/A N/A
F60-99 Kathy Burnside F N/A
F40-49 Diyana Chapple F N/A N/A
F18-29 McCall Clark F N/A N/A
M18-29 Nate Clark M N/A N/A
F18-29 Taylor Curtis F N/A N/A
F30-39 Allison Gatlin F N/A N/A
F30-39 Liza Leonard F N/A N/A
F30-39 Camille Mitchell F N/A N/A
M30-39 Josh Mitchell M N/A N/A
F30-39 Chelsey Mitchell F N/A N/A
F40-49 Sid Morse F N/A N/A
F30-39 Kaitlyn Plummer F N/A N/A
Male Dallas Perry M N/A N/A
Male Jaden Perry M N/A N/A
Male Kyler Perry M N/A N/A
F30-39 Candice Perry F N/A N/A
M30-39 Trae Perry M N/A N/A
F40-49 Carrie Skerjanc F N/A N/A
F40-49 Marinda Taylor F N/A N/A
M40-49 Christian Taylor M N/A N/A


10K Results:

Age Group First Last Gender Time Distance
F18-29 Kate Miller F 54.58 6.21
F30-39 Ashlee Drake F 55.36 6.23
F18-29 Mckinzie Tapp F 1.02.42 6.22
F30-39 Courtnie Erickson F 1.02.43 6.21
F40-49 Becky Hemmert F 1.03.00 6.21
F18-29 Presley Brown F 1.03.42 6
M30-39 Cody Dunn M 1.06.08 6.22
M60-99 Robert Smith M 1.21.20 6.2
F18-29 Katie Kunde F 1.30.00 6.2
F40-49 Julie Batacan F N/A N/A
F30-39 Courtney Byington F N/A N/A
M40-49 Erik Larson M N/A N/A
F50-59 Mary Roybal F N/A N/A


Half Marathon Results:


Age Group First Last Gender Time Distance
M40-49 Jedd Jones M 1.49.29 13.11
F1-17 Makayla Barfuss F 1.58.55 13.1
M50-59 Philip Birks M 2.01.28 13.15
F30-39 Santana Smith F 2.04.46 13.14
F40-49 Heidi Barfuss F 2.10.08 13.15
F50-59 Lori Mulliniks F 2.26.25 13.16
F30-39 Danielle Scott F 2.29.11 13.38
F30-39 Paula Speich F 2.48.58 13.1
F60-99 Wendy Cox F N/A N/A
M50-59 William Cox M N/A N/A
F30-39 Jennifer Hemphill F N/A N/A
F40-49 Sheandi Richins F N/A N/A


2020 Race and COVID-19 Changes

We were so excited to support the Idaho Falls Development Workshop in the 32nd running of this city’s oldest race. However, it seems like the world has other plans for us. 

Rather than cancel or postpone the event due to the ongoing Pandemic, we have decided to make this year’s race a virtual one! In lieu of a big event on June 13th, each runner will have a week (June 7th-13th) to complete their distance. Each runner will then send in their times, and we will post everybody’s results online so you can see how you stack up against others. We feel that this will allow everyone to stick to their summer training plans while still giving everyone an opportunity to support the Development Workshop, all without having to aid in the spread of the Coronavirus. Each racer will still receive a medal, a race shirt, and a swag bag (includes a free ticket to a Chukar’s home game) through the mail. 

While we won’t be putting on a physical race, you are more than welcome to run the courses that we have set up for the race, or you can run your own. 

In the event that a vaccine is found, and the government lifts their stay at home order, we will host a group run on June 13th for anyone who would like to join! We will meet at Bill’s Bike and Run in Snake River landing. You can still run whatever course at whatever pace you choose, but we would love to join you!

Packet Pickup

Packets will all be sent out via mail to the addresses given during registration.
Complimentary T-Shirt​
Chukars’ Home Game Ticket
Various Coupons and Offers from Local Businesses
Commemorative Medal

Back to Our Roots

The Scenic River Classic, Idaho Falls’ oldest race event, is continuing to be bigger and better than ever. The race started out as the “Bridge to Braves” back in 1987. For over thirty years, the race has generated tens of thousands of dollars for people with disabilities served by Development Workshop and has become a fun tradition for many racers.

Course Maps


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